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Solar panels use sunlight to generate energy for your home or business. They are better for the environment and on top of that, they save you money. The efficiency of your solar panels will impact your return on investment, so it’s important to choose installers who know how to maximize the output of your system.

Some factors that can influence solar panel efficiency include:


The direction that solar panels face impacts their efficiency. In general, south is the best direction for solar panels in the Northern Hemisphere. This is because south-facing panels are exposed to more sunlight throughout the year. In some cases, such as if your electricity provider uses Time of Use (TOU) billing, facing slightly to the west of south is better.


The angle at which solar panels are tiled also affects how much energy they can produce. Ideally, sunlight should hit the panels at a right angle. The proper tilt to achieve this will depend on a variety of factors and changes seasonally.


Any shade reduces solar panel efficiency. As a result, it’s important to place your panels to maximize sunlight exposure. If you have trees that could cast shade over the panels, it’s important to keep these properly trimmed.


Solar panel efficiency drops in high temperatures, which means they are slightly less effective during the summers compared to the winters. However, high-quality solar panels are designed to minimize this effect as much as possible. It’s important to work with an installer who understands the impact of heat on solar panels in Arizona and takes steps to minimize this, such as putting space between panels for optimum airflow.

Roof Material and Color

Dark colors and some roofing materials absorb heat, which raises the temperature of your solar panels and reduces their efficiency. For the most part, the same roofing decisions that improve energy efficiency in Arizona overall are better for your panels. Lighter colors also reflect more light, which can increase the amount that hits the panels.


As solar panels get older, their efficiency begins to decrease. This is an inevitable process, but its effects are less pronounced for high-quality panels. The systems we install, for example, continue to operate at 90% of their peak efficiency or greater even after 20 years of use.

System Quality

Solar energy technology has greatly improved in the years since it was first created. High-quality modern systems produce electricity more efficiently and also last longer.

Choose The Best Installers

Choosing experienced installers can help you get the most out of your solar panel. At Solar Pros, we consider all relevant factors to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Solar Energy Systems in Tucson

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